Frequently Asked Questions

I am located in a country other than my native country. I wish to watch Freeview TV broadcasts and other programmes on the individual channel's website. How can I do this with your service?

Answer: We can issue you a dedicated ip address through our server that will enable you to watch the site material as though you were actually located within the borders of your native country.

How long can I use your services for?

Answer: All accounts have a specific time frame associated with them at the time of purchase. Currently we offer account time frames in 3, 6 and 12 month time frames which you can purchase via our store.

Ok, now that I have a dedicated IP address, where can I use it?

Answer: You can use it any where you like on the internet. You can use it like your normal internet service providers IP address. SSL is enabled on this server so accessing https:// websites is not a problem.

What if some thing happens to the server and we no longer have service through you?

Answer: TV in Tenerife is affiliated to Tenerife Forum and International Alliance Privacy Services, both established and customer service governed entities. We are dedicated to keeping our clients happy. If any thing ever happens to any of our servers, we will act accordingly and put the affected clients on an alternative server in the same country if we have one available. We have multiple servers available in all available countries and add additional ones on a regular bases. We are not the type of organization to let our clients go without service.

How do I set up an account for this service?

Answer: Once you have decided that you want this service, setting up an account is easy. You need to decide what time frame you wish to purchase. If you need assistance, you can always contact us before purchasing and discuss your particular needs with our support staff. Once you are ready, just visit our store.

How long after I send my payment will I have to wait to receive my account details?

Answer: The times will vary. Depending upon the availability of our staff, we do our best to complete all new account requests within 24 hours. It usually does not span more than 24 hours but may at times due to our staff availability. We do our best to serve our clients as quickly as possible. So, normal times may vary from 12-24 hours at most.

We have implemented anti-fraud measures through our payment department. If we believe that a submitted payment may be fraud, we reserve the right to question that order and request additional information.

I have received my account details via email but I don't know how to set it up. Can you help?

Answer: Of course! We offer a remote assistance option where we connect to your computer and set up our services on your local computer in real time where you can watch and see how its done.

If you find yourself in this situation contact us here and explain what your situation is and request remote support. We do not charge for this option and you can use it as many times as you need to.

So... what is it like watching TV on your PC?

Answer: TVinTenerife gives you the experience of actually seeing media as though you were really located in your home country. You will see, hear, and experience it all no matter what country you're currently in. Our services work with any internet service provider, cable, wireless, with or without a router, dsl, satellite, & fiber optics.

Can I stream the PC broadcasts onto my living room TV and what is the quality like?

Answer: Yes! You can easily transfer the steaming broadcasts to your TV with a simple cable connection such as this. It depends which connections your TV and PC have to which cable you will need, so it's best to ask at your local TV or computer supplier in order to get the correct one.

The quality will depend on the stream, however sites such as BBC iPlayer are now giving an HD option for their content, so the quality of the streams on your TV will be in HD in those cases. As long as your bandwidth from your ISP can deal with HD streams, so will the VPN.

Are trial accounts available?

Answer: Our trial accounts program has ended. It lasted approximately 10 months and we suffered severe network abuse over it. As such, we were forced to close it. However, we do offer a full money back guarantee within the first 48 hours after your purchase if you are not satisfied with the service.

What types of payment do you accept?

Answer: We currently only accept Pay Pal and Moneybookers, however you can pay with any major credit card using these systems.

Notice for Services:

TVinTenerife does not engage in re-broadcasting, re-transmitting, or using copyrighted materials. We are sending you directly to the original producers of the media content.

Our servers are only utilized as pass-through agents. We do not store any media content on any of our servers. The media services are provided through the original producers, not TVinTenerife.

Please keep in mind that streaming media through our servers is bandwidth intensive and is not cheap for us. We have done our best to keep our prices competitive and affordable for every one.

We provide high-end servers with the best hardware available. Our servers are based on the Linux operating system environment and are compatible with all Windows, Mac, and other Linux computers. We provide unlimited bandwidth availability and our servers are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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