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TVinTenerife is here to save YOU money!

TVinTenerife came about as a low cost alternative to the current foreign TV systems in Tenerife.

Some people cannot afford 100's of euros for a satellite system, or ongoing maintenance fees.

Others find that the cost is not justified by the amount of time they may actually spend viewing, but they still would like to be able to see some of their favourite series.

Many find that their work schedule means that they often miss the programmes they really want to see, and would love to have the convenience of on-Demand websites where they can watch the programmes they like whenever they want.

Whatever the reason, with a subscription to an VPN service, you can have all the convenience with little cost. The cheapest option of a 12 month subscription works out at only 5.42€ per month for access to all your favourite programmes whenever you want to see them!

Added to this, is the fact that you can use your VPN on up to 3 different computers of devices at any one time... which means different people can watch different programmes simultaneously if you have the computer hardware available to you.

You can watch on the move on your 3G enabled mobile device.

You can have increased security if using your laptop in an internet café, protecting your PC against hackers or malicious attacks over open WiFi networks.

You can access TV and radio sports programmes that would normally be unavailable to you

...the list goes on!


All this for only 5.42€ a month?... Yes! Hard to believe isn't it?


Are there any restrictions?

The only restrictions on your ability to use the VPN service are your PC/Mac/mobile device/gaming console specifications and your internet connection.

We recommend the following hardware :

We recommend that you have a 3mb broadband connection, however we have clients that live in rural areas of Tenerife that use the VPN service happily on 1mb ADSL.

Sometimes the installed firewall on your PC may prevent you connecting, however our Live Support service can usually sort out this problem in the majority of cases. Only 1% of our clients have ever received a refund for any of these reasons.

...and what if I find out I don't have the right hardware?

If for any reason this service does not work for you, you can cancel and receive a full refund within the first 48 hours of purchase. If we are unable to attend to your support request promptly, then this period will be extended so that you get the full 48 hours to evaluate the VPN product without obligation.



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